art should comfort the disturbed
and disturb the comfortable.


Sets of songs for periods of intense feelings.

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Fervent singer/songwriter and producer Atelo Songs has been creating music for their entire life. They started playing as Sam Gleason over fifteen years ago performing at various venues throughout the state of New York, as well as with several musical groups. They've become known for both their powerful and unique voice as well as their strange style of songwriting.Fueled by a flawless blend of self-deprecating bitterness, unapologetically frank perspectives, and the raw wisdom that can only be gained by surviving and growing despite the trauma, Sam started propelling their diaristic songwriting under the moniker Atelo Songs in 2020.The project aimed to repurpose a life in shambles and reignite their creative spark, representing their recovery journey. Having battled through a series of
tumultuous life events, ranging from a string of damaging toxic relationships, a terrifying apartment fire, and an accident that would leave them with physical injuries and brain damage requiring over a year of rehabilitation to recover from, Gleason found themself uninspired and battled severe depression and other mental health issues. An outlet of betterment and self-elevation, Atelo Songs slowly and progressively evolved into Gleason’s
primary musical persona.
Against all odds, Gleason stayed the course and watched as their blistering efforts gradually yielded positive change. Their music would help them secure a spot at The Albany Barn, an artist housing program, allowing them to focus on Atelo Songs full-time. As a
result, Gleason released singles nearly every month in 2022 and has begun setting up
their next full-length album, set for release in 2024.



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