art should comfort the disturbed
and disturb the comfortable.

Hidden in the Honey
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Sets of songs for periods of intense feelings.

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Atelo Songs is a versatile singer-songwriter whose music defies genre boundaries. With over
fifteen years of musical evolution, he initially made his mark as Sam Gleason, performing across New York State and collaborating with various musical groups. Known for his powerful voice and unconventional songwriting reminiscent of Elvis Costello, Atelo Songs is a true musical chameleon.
In 2020, he embraced the moniker Atelo Songs, marking a transformative phase in his artistic
journey. Despite facing some challenging moments, from an apartment fire to mental health
battles and an accident that would leave him with permanent injuries and brain damage
requiring eighteen months of rehabilitation, Atelo Songs emerged as a means of self-betterment and creative expression. Due to his joining an artist housing program, The Albany Barn, he was able to focus solely on his music and released a new single
almost every single month in 2022.
Atelo Songs has received praise from several publications, including AntiMusic, V13,
Nippertown, Vents Magazine, Melodic Magazine, and more, for his eclectic and deeply personal
portfolio. His latest album release, Hidden In The Honey, is fueled by a flawless blend of self-
deprecating bitterness, unapologetically frank perspectives, and raw wisdom that can only be
gained by surviving and growing despite the trauma.


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Atelo Songs has mastered the science of creating biologically accurate clones of himself. In an attempt to put this powerful knowledge to it's best use, he has trained the clones to cover various songs. These are their performances.

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